working on TOTEIS (2018/19)  opera for 5 vce, choir, symphony orchestra, descant zither IN PREPARATION


Villa Wunder (2017) music theatre for children for dancer/actor/musician, every-day-objects, descant zither and violoncello (3 people)


pro.z.ess (2016) short opera for Woman (Soprano) - Schlernhex (Mezzosoprano) - Phallokrat (Tenor) - Man (Bass) - clar.bsn - tbn - perc -

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Whatever Works (2014/15) satiric opera in 14 scenes for 7 vce, choir, ens (6 insts), libretto: Dimitri Dinev

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INNEN (2013/14) musical-scenic-installation in transition for 10 singers and their inner-sounds


chiaroscuro (2013/14) for 5 voices (2 sop, m.sop, ten, bassbar), 4 cl/, vl, vla, vc and building


Versprochen, Froschkönig, versprochen (2010/11) short opera for 2 sop, m-sop, ten, chamber ensemble, Libretto: Birgit Müller-Wieland


tickende polli (2008) short opera for sop, c-ten, ten, bass, chamber ensemble, tape and power point presentation, libretto: Manuela Kerer


Rasura (2006/07), semiphantastic opera in 3 acts for 10 soloists, choir, symphony orchestra, libretto: Kurt Lanthaler